Thursday, May 31, 2018

Eleanor's turns 3!

Eleanor turned 3 this month! Oh man, this girl was looking forward to her birthday for weeks. Every morning she would ask me how much longer til her big day. My friend Haley made her a unicorn cake for her party and so naturally it became unicorn themed with a unicorn piñata and unicorn plates. We had planned to have the party outside but it started to rain as everyone was starting to arrive and so we all squished into our little house for the second year in a row...oh you May weather. Here is a little video clip from her birthday. Click Here to watch.

The thing she would say most leading up to her party was, "I'm going to blow up all my balloons and show them to everybody!" Her love for balloons is unmatched. My mom brought her a bunch of helium ones as well which you can see in the video.

We surprised her the night before by setting up her little kitchen.

We actually did Eleanor's piñata a couple days later when the weather was nice but it still counts as her birthday. Erica and her little boy Miles were over and Asher joined in. Harper was taking a nap but that was okay because she probably wouldn't have been able to lift the bat we were using. Haha.

Brandon may have helped a little.

This bunch was the most non-aggressive bunch ever to collect candy after a piñata breaking open. They were leisurely picking it up and Miles was even helping put candy into Eleanor's bag. And Asher only wanted the blue candies. They are all too sweet.

Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you to the moon and back.

A few phone shots from the day.

Waking up to her surprise kitchen.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


A few of these photos are actually from April as well but this is just a random assortment of photos that have been collecting on my desktop that I need to move over to my hard drive. They are too cute not to throw on the blog though!

Planted these beautiful flowers in our yard. Eleanor helped pick out the pink ones.

Backyard BBQ with Steph and Spencer at our house.

This girl and her pool. She loves being in the water.

A rare date night photo. I always forget to document our dates.

Megan's wedding.

That random snow storm not too long ago. There wasn't much snow...but they wanted to go out in it anyway and ended up spending most of the time in the garage.

Harper licking the snow off Eleanor's glove. Haha.

Always picking me flowers.

Thor turned 4 at the end of April!

I went to the cemetery for Memorial Day with my grandparents and watched my grandma make Stacey a beautiful bouquet.

I love these two.

Also went to visit my great grandma's grave and my grandma let me have a crack at making the bouquet.